My story and where it all began

“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of it’s value until we lose it” – Josh Bollings

Two years ago I had no idea what an insulin resistance was. I felt cold, ill and sleepy most of the time, and completely unmotivated to do anything. Having a healthy diet and exercise didn’t make any difference either. I didn’t know what was going on with my body and just justified all these symptoms with stress at work and not enough exercise!

I eventually resorted to having some basic tests done. After a rigorous 30 minute medical interview, the endocrinologist proposed an insulin curve test and told me that my previously diagnosed PCOS and hypothyroidism weren’t the cause of the symptoms I was suffering from. Without any second thoughts, I agreed to have the tests done and waited anxiously for the results.

A week later I received my much-anticipated diagnosis – insulin resistance. I didn’t know how to respond but felt relieved that my symptoms could now be explained. Can it be cured or will I have to take Metformin for the rest of my life? And so my journey of discovery and healing began and I starting researching everything I could about insulin resistance. The more I read, the more questions I had. But I also found many answers to my concerns that had arisen over the years.

I want to share my insights and learnings with those also suffering from insulin resistance. If you are reading these words, then I hope you will join me on my journey in the fight against insulin resistance. Who knows maybe we can create a space full of inspiration, support, motivation and, above all, acceptance and joy of our beautiful bodies.