Training with kettlebells

by Agnieszka Dębowska

Many of my friends have told me how great it is training with kettlebells and how effective they are in achieving an all-round, dynamic body workout with impressive results. The change in their bodies were proof enough for me to try training with them myself.

After researching online and following expert advice I consulted with a friend who is a personal trainer and customised a personal kettlebell program for myself. However, this was just the beginning of my new training regime.

My new workout took me a little more than 60 minutes to complete, and I left the gym with my blood pumping, all sweaty and hot.  I felt I had finished a complete cardiovascular and strength-training workout which ticked all my boxes.

Are there any readers who are personal trainers, biokineticists or crossfit trainers who can offer advice and guidance with my newfound kettlebell friend? All kinds of advice are welcome.

Here's my workout routine. Let me know what you think?

  • Warm up for 15 – 20 minutes of running
  • Classic swing 20 reps x2
  • Circulation around the hip 20 reps x2
  • One hand press 10 reps x2
  • Both hands press 10 reps x2
  • Squats with both hand press 15 reps x2
  • Arm Bending 10 reps x2
  • ‘Eight’ between the legs 15 reps x2
  • Deadlift on one leg 15 reps x2
  • Rowing with both hands 10 reps x2
  • Pendulum 15 reps x2
  • Stretching 10 minutes cool-down

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