By Agnieszka Dębowska

“If not something sweet, then what? I will tell you what: a clean and healthy body and mind!” – Sarah Wilson

Today I am trying to persuade you to quit sugar. Silly? Maybe. After reading the book I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson,  and my fight with insulin resistance, I came to the conclusion that this is something that I need to try!

Why today? Because it’s exactly 85 days to my first half marathon, and according to scientists, we need 21-66 days to change a habit from a psychological perspective. Perfect! This time, I will do everything I can to make it happen.

I want to quit sugar for life. That's my goal - keep your fingers crossed!If you're wondering if you have to quit sugar, answer these questions that Sarah Wilson asks in her book:

  • Are you experiencing a drop in energy in the afternoons?
  • Do you feel the need to eat something sweet after a meal?
  • Do you feel bloated after eating?
  • Is it difficult to not reach for the next one after eating one piece of cake?
  • Do you have a tug at your abdomen, though the rest of your body is slim?
  • Do you often feel that you are a bit dumb and not in shape?

If most of the answers were positive, then YES you are addicted to sugar! Join me in this experiment! It will not be easy… Dah! The first week will be horrible; you won’t feel well, but let’s give it some time. Let’s motivate each other and get rid of this nasty addiction. We will go through the stages described in the book together. Every week, I will briefly describe what the next stage contains. Together it will be easier! I promise!



Sarah Wilson advises you to make some simple changes to your diet. We need to reduce the amount of sugar consumed, including the ones we consider “good”. There is no such thing! SUGAR IS SUGAR! We need to limit sweet drinks, sugar in coffee and tea, and refuse that piece of cake. “The less sugar in your body when you enter the 2-week rehab, the easier it will go.”


The author of the book explains that our worst enemy is FRUCTOSE. It has a fairly long list of sins:


  • It makes us eat more
  • It turns directly into fat
  • It’s simply bad for us


“Many studies indicate that fructose:


  1. Inhibits the functioning of the immune system, making it harder for us to fight infections
  2. Disturbs the mineral balance in our body, causing deficiencies and disrupting the absorption of minerals
  3. Meddles in fertility issues
  4. Accelerates the aging process
  5. Is associated with the development of breast, ovarian, prostate, rectal, pancreatic, lung, gall bladder and stomach cancer
  6. Increases the risk of dementia
  7. Causes hyperacidity, indigestion and malabsorption syndrome
  8. Can cause sudden adrenaline rushes, and also be responsible for hyperactivity, anxiety and decreased concentration.”


Have I convinced you? Cool! Now you have to do something about it! Measure your belly, waist and hips and take a picture of your body – preferably in the morning, before breakfast. In 4 weeks, we will compare how our profiles have changed after quitting sugar. I already have my first day behind me. I announced my goal at work, to my family and friends to get additional accountability and motivation.


Do not wait too long, do not hesitate! Try it because it’s worth it!

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